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The Invitation

A personalised invitation
from Father

Imagine your Small Folk’s excitement when they receive a personalised invitation from Father Christmas, asking them to journey to Lapland to help the Elves with their toymaking this Christmas! And so arrives a wax sealed letter, housed in a gift box beautifully displaying the Elves they will meet on their adventure and heralding the official start of a Lapland Christmas.
Discover The Experience

Inside the Invitation Box

Your introduction to an Elven World...

Invitation from Father Christmas

A personalised handwritten invitation from Father Christmas for each Small Folk, inviting them to help the Elves

Copy of The Lapland Grapevine

One copy of The Lapland Grapevine: hot off the press with news of all the goings-on in Lapland from our very own reporter Elf, Grapevine.

Whisperleaf for Travel

Your Small Folks’ Elf-icial entry ticket issued by Travel Master himself.

The Elven Foreword

A crisp introduction into the world of Lapland for the Human Folk!

Delivering The

On the day you choose to give your Small Folk their invitation, remove everything from the box except the wax sealed invitation. Keep the other pieces somewhere safe, you’ll need them soon!

Next, place the whole box including invitations in the freezer for one hour. Then… deliver the invitations icy cold from Lapland in the way you think most magical; by the chimney, in a playhouse, on the doormat!

We’d love to see your special moments. Have your camera ready and share with @laplanduk! We will share our favourites across our channels.

If you have an infant on your booking, you will also have an Elflet card inviting them to also journey to Lapland, too. If you would like to order additional boxes to have one for each Small Folk, it is still possible to add these to your booking in MyLapland

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When will I receive my Invitations?

Your Small Folk’s invitations will arrive in an invitation presentation box which is part of the postage and packaging fee, sent one per booking.

Father Christmas will be sending out invites in chronological order of tour date, you should expect to receive yours around 5-8 weeks ahead of your tour date. If you haven’t received your invitations 10 days before your tour, please get in touch with our Elf Help Team via our contact us page.

Your magical LaplandUK experience begins when you deliver your Small Folk’s personalised invitation from Father Christmas asking for their help making toys in the Lapland Toy Factory, we recommend you pop the box in the freezer for one hour before you deliver it… icy cold, straight from Lapland! Make sure you take everything out of the box, except the invitation (saving everything else for when you need it later)

What is The Invitation?

Each Small Folk on your booking will receive a personalised invitation from Father Christmas, inviting them to journey to Lapland and help the Elves with their toy making!

Each booking includes one complimentary Lapland invitation gift box that will house all your personalised invitations. We are unable to split the invitations on one booking to different addresses.

If you would like a keepsake invitation box for each of your Small Folk, you will have the opportunity to purchase additional boxes when you make your booking, or you can add these on later through MyLapland.

Please be sure to double check you have entered your Small Folk’s names correctly. The invitations will be addressed to the names exactly as you have entered them during the booking process.

Once you have booked you will be unable to edit the names of the Small Folk on your booking, please get in touch with us as soon as possible if you notice a spelling mistake!

Similarly, your invitations will  all  be delivered to the postal address entered during the booking process, so please double-check you have entered your correct address. If you move home, please contact us with your new address and we will be happy to update your booking.

Can I order extra Invitation boxes?

Additional boxes are available to purchase should you wish to have a keepsake box for each Small Folk. These are available to purchase during the booking process, or through your MyLapland account. They will arrive empty alongside your original invitation box, in a separate package.

Can you send Invitations outside the UK?

Absolutely! Please bear in mind the length of time it can take for the post to reach you. Please note there will be an added charge for posting your invitations overseas.

We recommend entering the address you will be staying at, so we can post your invitations there for when you arrive!

I’ve moved address, how do I update this?

If you have moved address since you booked tickets, please do let our Elf Help Team know at your earliest convenience before your invitations are prepared. You can contact us through our ‘Contact Us’ page above, or by emailing us at

If you would like to confirm the address we have for you, please get in touch with us from your lead booker’s email address; one of our team will be happy to assist you.

If you require us to resend your invitations to an updated address after your original invitations have been prepared, you may incur an additional postage charge. We will also not be able to guarantee your invitations will arrive before your visit.

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