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A peak Behind the Magic

The Wonder Years

Those precious years in a child’s life before imagination is replaced with information. A treasured time when a child’s imagination should be let soar as they revel in this magical moment of childhood. We meet the Small Folk in their Wonder Years and make it a moment that is truly cherished.


To be a child at Christmastime

Christmas is the time of year a child is a most a child. Enchanted by a wonderful belief in Father Christmas, this is a time in child’s life of such innocence to be joyously revelled in. The time of year that is encapsulated by such excitement as Christmas nears and anticipation grows. We know the significance Christmas holds for children and have spent 17 years honouring this moment.

Memories to last a lifetime

The memories made by a child at Christmastime will last long after the years of childhood have passed. A moment that is so pure yet fleeting, once past what we have to treasure are the memories. We wish for children to grow up with special memories of their childhood christmases they will hold forever more.

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