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Guide for Accessibility

LaplandUK wishes to be fully inclusive and makes every effort to ensure that the Experience is as accessible to as many guests as possible.

Accessibility Guide

Our Accessibility Guide has been produced to give you a detailed and realistic view of the Experience and the services that we can offer for those with accessibility requirements. It will enable you to assess your own abilities and make an informed decision about whether the experience is suitable for you and your loved ones. Click the link below to open guide.
Accessibility Guide

Guide for Autistic Visitors

LaplandUK wishes to be fully inclusive and makes every effort to ensure that the experience is accessible to as many guests as possible. This guide has been produced to give a detailed and realistic view of the experience and the services
that we can offer to assist guests with autism.
Guide for austistic visitors

Personal Assistance (PA) Concession Tickets

What is a Personal Assistance (PA) Concession Ticket?

The nature of our event requires all bookings to consist of (at least) one Big Folk and one Small Folk per booking.

We understand some of our guests have additional needs, and in instances where the parent/guardian (or for Big Folk, a close family member) is also their Personal Assistant, we offer PA concession tickets. These tickets are sold at a 50% discounted rate and are available on all tours across the experience. Guests are invited to select a PA concession ticket during the booking process.

All PA tickets are subject to receipt of individual supporting evidence and approval and must be arranged prior to your visit; it is not possible to apply for any PA ticket discounts on the day.

Can I apply for more than one Personal Assistant concession ticket?

To ensure as many families as possible can benefit from a PA concession ticket, guests are limited to one PA concession ticket per booking.

Should I purchase an additional adult ticket for my Personal Assistant and then request a refund?

No, this is not necessary. During the booking process please selected one PA concession ticket, this is a valid adult ticket for your Personal Assistant.

Can I bring an additional PA on the day without booking? 

All PA concession tickets must be booked and approved prior to your visit, including our Superstar Day.  If you arrive on the day of your visit without a PA ticket, your Personal Assistant will be refused entry.

What is your Personal Assistant Ticket policy?

We understand that some guests require additional assistance. Therefore, LaplandUK offers Personal Assistant concession tickets, sold at a discounted 50% rate, on every tour across the experience.  

All Personal Assistant Concession tickets must be selected when making a booking – we cannot apply any discount on the day. 

To see full information about our Personal Assistant concession tickets, please go to our 2023 Accessibility Guidehere.

Do you cater for autistic visitors?

Yes! Please download our guide, here.

Superstar Day

Superstar Day is a specifically adapted show, tailored for those with additional needs. We are proud to be the first company in the UK to designate a specific adapted day to allow greater flexibility and support for those with additional needs. Superstar Day differs from a standard day; the day is subsidised by LaplandUK, and all tours operate at a significantly reduced capacity. Tours are, therefore, quieter with improved accessibility and offer the additional support of medics and BSL signers, if required.

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