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Travel Plans Pre-Departure Information

Preparing for your visit

Add your Small Folk’s information

Make sure you update your Small Folk's personal information in your MyLapland account for Father Christmas to use in your private visit.

Immerse yourself in the Elven World

Our Elven World is full of mystical Elves and exciting adventures! Familiarise yourself with the Elves that you will meet by reading our Foundation stories.

Arrive 40 minutes before your tour

Make sure you arrive to Lapland with plenty of time! You can wander around our Elven Bazaar, meet Grapevine the reporter Elf and enjoy our famous Lapland Hot chocolate before setting off on your adventure.

Purchase your Elven Jingles

While we do accept Human World contactless payments in Lapland, The Elven currency is Jingles! £1 = 1J, and these can be purchased through your MyLapland account later this year, ahead of your visit.

Discover Father Christmas’ Elfcasts

The very clever Elves of Lapland have worked out a special way to send magical messages from Father Christmas to the Human Folk! This is the most wonderful news as Father Christmas will be keeping the Small Folk up to date with all the happenings in Lapland this Christmas. Will the Elves finish all the toys in time?


Listen to Father Christmas' Elfcasts on Spotify

Apple Podcasts

Listen to Father Christmas' Elfcasts on Apple Podcasts

My Lapland

Your MyLapland account is where you can personalise your Lapland visit. You can order additional invitation boxes, jingles and magical extras and update your Small Folk’s information for their private audience with Father Christmas.



‘The Secrets of the Christmas Elves’ tells the story of the real reason why Father Christmas delivers toys to Small Folk around the world on Christmas Eve, and how he makes this incredible journey. ‘The Untold Story of Father Christmas’ tells the story of how a humble toymaker first travelled through the door in the Enchanted Forest to Lapland to become Father Christmas.

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What is My Lapland?

Add additional Small Folk/Big Folk tickets to your booking (subject to availability). Purchase Jingles to spend in the Elven Village. View any remaining availability to move your booking to an alternative date or time (providing your booking does not exceed the maximum limit of 8 tickets). Input your Small Folk’s special information to be passed to Father Christmas in advance of your visit (we recommend entering this information no later than 48 hours prior to your visit). To login, click ‘MyLapland’ at the top of this webpage, and enter your booking reference number. An email with a ‘magic link’ will then be sent to the lead booker’s email address. Follow the link to access your portal.

Where do I add the personalised information for my Small Folk?

You can add personalised information about your Small Folk in your ‘MyLapland’ portal! Simply click the ‘My Account’ button at the top of this webpage, and enter the email address associated with your booking. You will then be sent a ‘magic link’ to your email address; click this to access your portal. Once you have accessed the portal, click ‘Personalise’, and submit the details for each of your Small Folk on the booking. Make sure to read our Helpful Hints to help us create a truly magical visit!

When will I receive my Small Folk('s) invitation?

Your Small Folks’ invitations will arrive in an invitation presentation box which is part of the postage and packaging fee, sent one per booking. As we are only able to store one address per booking, (entered during the booking process), we are unable to send your invitations to separate addresses. Father Christmas will be sending out invites in chronological order of tour date. You will receive an email when your invitation box has been posted. If you haven’t received your invitation box 3 weeks before your tour, please get in touch with the team at